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We are a group of engineers, computer scientists and physicists currently working on developing software of real-world problems to be used on quantum computers. Our team has vast experience in optimisation procedures, numerical simulations (FEA and CFD), material science, and quantum computing technologies.


Presently, we are in the process of translating equations into a form that a quantum computer would understand (also known as encoding). Meanwhile, we are also offering our expertise in assessing if business and engineering problems benefit from quantum computing. Lastly, we also provide engineering consulting services using conventional FEA and CFD methods.

Quantum computing exploits quantum effects, such as entanglement and superposition, to perform computations. Unlike traditional computers that solve problems in series or parallel, these quantum effects allow quantum computers to process all information concurrently and instantaneously. Hence, quantum computing has the potential to provide huge improvements in computation power.

What is Quantum Computing?

The growth of quantum computing hardware (image from D-Wave)

With the improvements in quantum computing in recent years, we can expect to see this technology being implemented in the upcoming years. Hence, many companies, including BASF, Airbus, and Volkswagen are investing in building quantum computing capabilities.


Look Before You Leap

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Despite the potential benefits of quantum computing, not all computational problems will benefit from this technology. Furthermore, there are many different quantum computing technologies, such as ion traps and quantum annealing, which have different benefits and limitations. Also, since quantum computing technology is currently being developed, the costs of this technology over time and the readiness of the technology should also be considered before investing in it.


Assessing if one should invest in quantum computing considering these factors are difficult and this is where we can help. At General Analytics, we have the expertise to help you perform an assessment on the suitability of your company to implement quantum computing in the future.


Our assessment will provide a report and presentation that can be easily understood by a layperson. We will provide you with the following to help you make better decisions.


  • If your problem will ever benefit from quantum computing.

  • What is the state of quantum computing to solve your problem.

  • Which quantum computing technologies are most suited for your problem.

  • When will quantum computing be practical for your business and the best time to invest in this technology.

  • Other technical information on the implementation of this technology to your problem


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